Medical Coding And Charge Entry

Medical Coding And Charge Entry Services In Florida, Usa

A pivotal step in the process of medical billing and coding is the medical billing charge entry. This is the step that helps to finalize the amount of reimbursement a medical facility would receive from the insurance company. So significant is this step that only well-trained and highly experienced data entry specialists can be trusted to efficiently perform this job.

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In this regard, you can absolutely put trust in Fuzac Billing Solution. We are a premier organization, providing medical billing charge entry in addition to a host of medical coding and learning platforms billing services to our clients.

We understand the importance of meticulously carrying out charge entry services and have a keen eye to spot errors that can adversely affect the cash flow. Our focussed approach only helps our clients to receive their payments in a prompt fashion.

We have a brilliant team that makes sure we deliver services nothing less than immaculate in nature. You will find them skilled in every aspect of medical billing, and their collective experience in handling Medicaid, Medicare, POS, HMO, EPO, PIP, PPO, Worker‘s Compensation as well as private indemnities, is impressive, to say the least. Our Medical Billing Charge Entry team enters the Demographics in your billing system in a swift and impeccable manner, thus aiding in an accurate and expeditious claim processing. The payment posting team is also well trained in the insurance rules as well as write-offs.

Highlights Of Charge Entry

Keying In Medical Billing Information: The Key Step

In the charge processing stage, entering the patient’s billing information is a crucial step. But, with the highly trained specialized staff of Fuzac Billing Solution on your side, you can cast your worries aside. We are experts in flawlessly entering a patient’s billing details, for we know it contains vital information, such as the medical provider’s name, the medical services rendered, the date of the patient’s visit, and so on. We make sure that each and every detail entered is accurate by verifying and cross-verifying the data.

Assigning Charges For The Medical Codes Entered

All aside, it is the assignment of appropriate charges to the entered medical codes, which needless to say, is a step that demands maximum attention and immense patience. For a task as difficult as this, you can again rely on the superb charge entry department of Fuzac Billing Solution that is well-versed with internationally recognized as well as followed systems of medical codings, such as, CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9.