Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Receivable Management Services In Florida, Usa

The team focuses on the accounts that are yet to be paid and are within the payer agreement. The goal here is to resolve the hurdles in the cash flow and aims at reducing the Accounts Receivable days and Customer satisfaction.The team clearly analyzes and determines where the facility presently stands in regards to its AR and Financial statement and develops bottom-line goals and financial targets based on budgets. We continually enhance operations to allow the facility to achieve its goals. Our highly trained staff ensures efficient and cost-effective collections.

Denial Management

Denial Management is a very time consuming process and EHS helps the Healthcare Providers to navigate this complex process. Our denial management team tracks the denial reason codes thus fixing the common denials by correcting the Coding or front end insurance process . This trend reduces the future denials for the same reason . Our highly trained forces closely analyses the payment pattern of the payers and alter when there is a deviation. Through frequent re-engineering of the process internally ensures us to stay ahead of the denial Process at

Insurance Follow-up

Healthcare providers and Medical Billing companies’ cash flow falls through the crack for lack of follow-up on the outstanding claims with the payers.EHS dedicated follow up team analyzes the unpaid and down coded payments and follow up aggressively with the insurance companies. Continuous monitoring of the AR days and every claims is assured for a follow-up right from the 35 days. Maximum effort is taken to resolve and reprocess the claims over a phone call to the insurance companies.

Prompt Appeals

Claims that are denied and require appeals, are appealed through standard appeal letters and supporting Medical Records, justify medical necessity and other relevant documents are submitted on time for processing.
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Fuzac Billing Solution Accounts Receivables Management Solution helps the healthcare providers to understand the accounting process, cash flow and accurate targets and Budgeting of the Receivables.

The Forecasting Reports Include

Key Highlights Of Ehs Accounts Receivables Management